F. Rydén, 'Tech to the future: Making a "Kinection" with haptic interaction,",' IEEE Potentials, pp. 34-36, May 4, 2012..


The Kinect rgbd camera has been a great success in gaming but more importantly it has opened up new fields for researchers. The data streamed from the Kinect in real time requires new haptic algorithms. By developing a novel haptic rendering algorithm we have shown feasibility for using the Kinect in telerobotic applications such as robotic surgery. Providing the surgeon with a “sense of touch” could improve telerobotic surgery. One way to obtain data for such a haptic rendering is from sen- sors in the robot or on end-effectors (i.e., the surgical tools). But the latter raises issues of calibration as well as sterilization. An alternative approach is to use depth camera information for haptic rendering. RGB-D cameras like Kinect present a possible way to do this, if the device can be suitably miniaturized.

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