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Plugfest 2009 data collection form:

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This has been updated to include comments and overall impressions about each teleoperation.

FLS Block Transfer Test


For each connection, both the master and the slave site will fill out the data collection sheet. It is mostly self-explainatory. However, here is some clarification about the FLS block transfer.

Each group is asked to perform the Telerobotic Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (TFLS) block transfer test as many times as possible in ten minutes. If time allows, additional operators can perform another ten-minute window. An alternate task is set up at TU Munich, where there is a larger, general purpose telemanipulator.

Subjects grasp each numbered block in order with the left hand, lift it from the peg, transfer the block to the right hand tool, and place the block on a numbered peg on the right side of the board. They repeat the left-to-right transfer for all six blocks, followed by a right-to-left transfer without pausing in between.

Each group is asked to record the number of blocks transfered and the number of blocks dropped on the data collection sheet. The individual block times need not be recorded.

The data collection sheet should be filled out by both master and slave sides for each experiment. While this may seem redundant, we think it could be interesting. In the subjective section, the slave side should rate how well they thought the masters were able to operate the system.

Finally, both sides should ping each other. We want to record both, in case there are networking problems in one direction.

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