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Breaking the Interoperability Barrier Through Emerging Standards in Teleoperation

Whitepaper on Interoperability “Plugfest”

Hawkeye King and Blake Hananford, BioRobotics Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle

June 2009

Abstract: Many telemanipulation systems have a great deal in common, specifically they have one or two Cartesian space manipulators with one-DoF end effectors. Despite overwhelming commonalities there is no accepted framework for interconnecting such systems. Instead data interfaces are described ad-hoc by each group, often using a UDP/IP network socket to transmit control data. To promote interoperability through the development of teleoperation standards a project is proposed to interconnect several prominent teleoperation research groups using a common data interface and to demonstrate fluid interconnectivity between independently developed teleoperation technologies. The interface, called the ITP or Interoperable Telesurgical Protocol, is intended as a starting point for discussion and development of a robust and practical Internet-type standard for teleoperation robotics.

Complete whitepaper: Media:PlugfestWhitepaper.pdf

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