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Surgeon's Site Software - two programs that work together: one to provide a GUI; and another to interface with Phantom Omni and the networked slave.

network_layer - small applet for accepting ITP formatted data. Can be used to verify network connection and data integrity. [| ITPTest.tbz]

The set of java classes contained in transmit and receive ITP packets. The example programs udp_tx and udp_rx can be compiled with

gcj --main=udp_tx -o udp_tx
gcj --main=udp_rx -o udp_rx

If compiling in the Cygwin environment, include the options "-Wl,--enable-auto-import" to suppress spurious warnings. To transmit a sample packet, first start 'udp_rx' and then run 'udp_tx hostname'.

Visualizer - For receiving and displaying ITP commands. Two spheres with attached ITP axes can be controlled over the network to simulate control of a real teleoperator using ITP. Visualizer.tbz

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