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RAVEN II™ was funded by an NSF equipment grant to build a surgical robotics platform for use in a research setting. The RAVEN is currently sold by Applied Dexterity, a spin-out from the University of Washington BioRobotics lab.


View the README for hints on using this Wiki and getting support for your robot.

Getting Started

The RAVEN User Guide is a (work-in-progress) guide for everything from setting up your RAVEN to troubleshooting common errors. This is part of a larger effort from the UW BRL and Applied Dexterity to provide useful guides and information to getting the most out of your RAVEN. Further support materials covering more advanced topics are also being created and curated. A series of videos are being created to cover the hands-on topics of robot use. If you have any questions or have specific topics that you would like covered, please post in the forum.

The following wiki pages contain earlier versions of this information:

See the Getting Started page for more information about setting up your RAVEN-II robot.

See Updating RAVEN code for updating to the latest code.

See NewComputerSetup for making your own RAVEN-compatible RT computer for running the robot or simulation.

Trying to use your dV adapter? See DV adapter for information on installing the adapter, changing the code, and defining a new tool.

Raven_II systems

System information, howtos, and troubleshooting documents are posted under Raven_II systems.

To discuss the R_II e.g., for troubleshooting, please use the Special:AWCforum!

Outstanding items are listed in the TODOs page: TODOs.


Raven_II Locations

Post photos, videos, demos, etc. about your robot's setup here!

Raven_II Software Documentation

Doxygen documentation for UW's latest RAVEN II's software Raven Documentation

Newly proposed style guide for RAVEN codebase RAVEN Coding Style

RAVEN User guide - A work in progress guide for using, maintaining, and troubleshooting your RAVEN User Guide

Raven_II Publications

Useful Links

Using Eclipse to build raven_2 and ROS

Control the Raven II in absolute position and orientation from Windows

Generate New Wiki Users


'Raven' is a Trademark of Applied Dexterity and the University of Washington.

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